Family Holidays


France is famous for its laidback lifestyle with hot sunny days, relaxing by the pool, dining alfresco and more importantly a place where families are truly welcomed.

This is what we aim for here at Domaine de Peyrecaty, a place where parents can relax & unwind, whilst the children have fun in a safe and happy environment.

“The perfect family holiday”
John, Lorraine & Sam, Isobel and Grace

Stress-free family holidays

We cater only to families and we love it!  And so do most of our families as on average they holiday here 5 times and 85% of guests are returnees or booked via a recommendation. We don’t advertise in lots of places as we like it families have confidence in us to book direct.

Exclusive, safe & relaxing

With 8-9 families a week we’re small enough to know everyone but we’re large enough for families to socialise together, if they want too.

Everything in one location

To make it easy for families to play, relax & socialise all our properties & facilities are together in one place here at Peyrecaty.

Activities for Kids

Here are some activities we do for little ones so parents can relax with a drink at the bar.

  • Sunday – Home-made cakes
  • Monday – Drawing & colouring
  • Tuesday – Family Pizza and BBQ
  • Thursday – Dressing up
  • Friday – Film night

Something for Parents

  • Saturday – Warm welcome to you
  • Sunday – Complimentary Kir Royale
  • Tuesday – Pizza & BBQ
  • Thursday – Canoeing July & August

Pool temperature

Kids hate cold water so we’ve installed a state-of-the-art heater to ensure the pool stays a perfect 28˚everyday.

Useful Info

  • All small photos go to a larger picture
  • Every photo has been taken by us or our guests (thank you guests x)
  • Wi-Fi is free
  • Mobile phone reception is excellent
  • We continually reinvest in our properties & facilities year-on-year
  • We live here so we’re around if you need us, if you don’t we’ll stay in the background