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French Country Estate

Domaine de Peyrecaty is a 52-acre country estate in France.  This private estate has spectacular views across the valley and is in one of the most picturesque parts of the Dordogne countryside and is surrounded by award winning towns & villages.

All the houses and facilities are grouped together in a private hamlet so families can easily access everything.

‘magnificent, the views you have are stunning and we can’t believe how peaceful it is here’


Peyrecaty’s history stretches way back to Cro-Magnon Man times.  It has also had an Inn for stagecoach travellers but nowadays the Peyrecaty Inn no longer exists as French farmers over the years have used the stones to build their new farmhouses.  25 years ago the estate changed from a farm to a family holiday destination and the bar, 4 villas, tennis court & swimming pool where added.  Two cottages where renovated, again using the stone from the original Peyrecaty Inn.

52- acres

All the houses and facilities are surrounded by fields, meadows, orchards and woodland.  There are paths for you to walk along or if you’re feeling more energetic there are jogging trails.

Organic produce on the estate

We have over a 100 walnut trees plus apple trees, plums, damsons, cherries, pears, quince & chestnuts. There’s also kiwis, grapes, blackberries and lots of herbs which you’re very welcome to help yourself to.