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Domaine de Peyrecaty is one of the longest running ‘family-friendly’ holiday destinations in France. Being an established business of over 30 years, your holiday is safe and secure, an important statement with everything that has happened in 2020. So please join us for sunny days, a laid-back French lifestyle and a place were families are truly welcomed.

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Hi we’re Benoit & Cintya

We fell in love with Peyrecaty when we first visited the beautiful Périgord region. We are a French/Brazilian couple, both fluent in English. In fact, it was this language and a passion for travelling that brought us together and allowed us to start this wonderful journey. We want to continue making Domaine de Peyrecaty a great family destination.

Country Estate

Exclusive hamlet of 8 houses for families to rent. Plus the estate has barns, outbuildings, great views of Belves and lots of facilities for everyone to enjoy.


52-Acre Estate

with fields, meadows, orchards, two fresh water wells, vegetable garden and woodland for you to meander through. Plus there’s jogging trails and lots of open space. Locals refer to Peyrecaty as a healing place and we agree with them, it’s magical.


When you’re here, help yourself to the organic produce – apples, plums, figs, cherries, pears, kiwis, grapes, walnuts, mint, rosemary, chives, bay leaves…

You might like to know

The estate is gated
The local French are friendly
We don’t advertise in many places and we’re proud 85% of families return to Peyrecaty or book via a recommendation


We continually reinvest in the
properties and facilities.
Photos on this site (except some on the Location page) are taken by us or our wonderful guests – thank you wonderful guests xx

Family holidays in rural France
peaceful, tranquil and a great escape from busy lives

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