Country Estate


The estate was purchased 30 years ago by an English lawyer who fell in love with Peyrecaty and La Dordogne countryside. It was a big project as stone cottages, derelict buildings and barns needed renovating. Architects where employed and artisans sought. A swimming pool, tennis court and bar were added and enormous diggers created the sand playground.

After a couple of years of coping with the red tape and long leisurely French lunches, Peyrecaty was ready to welcome families. Our original founders created a style of family-friendly holidays in France that has been copied many times, they should be very proud of their accomplishments.

‘Don’t change anything – it is spot on’
D & J – Kent

Acres of fresh air

We have fields, meadows, orchards and woodland for our guests to explore.

French Hamlet

Within the estate is our hamlet of stone buildings, barns and villas with a wide range of facilities for families to enjoy.


Peyrecaty sits in an area that was originally inhabited by cavemen 30,000 years ago. Since pre-historic times people have enjoyed residing on the hill. Over the years, farmers working on the estate demolished the old stagecoach Inn to build themselves new homes and cattle sheds. A shame as the Inn must have been an impressive building. But it is nice to know Peyrecaty has been welcoming guests, long before it became a family-holiday resort! Maybe that accounts for the wonderful ambience here.