About Us

Hi we’re Steve and Helen

We own Domaine de Peyrecaty and have lived here on the estate for seventeen years, and we love it!

We used to holiday at Peyrecaty with our children, so we know what it’s like to stay here as holidaymakers. We came back many times, staying in the houses and villas. As guests we’ve splashed in the pool, sipped wine at the bar and enjoyed family times in the gardens of the individual properties.

We bought Peyrecaty from our predecessor who had the vision of creating this idyllic place. In its thirty-two years of operating we are the second owners, a testament to the fact, this is a wonderful place.

As past guests ourselves, we can confidently say, Peyrecaty is a great family destination.

About Steve by Helen

Steve had his own business in the UK before swapping to a life in France. He likes red wine but likes coffee and cake more! Steve is laid-back and enjoys chatting to guests. He is sporty, ask him for a game of tennis. He is brilliant at DIY and good at winning at cards! His bad qualities are, he effortlessly stays slim (annoying) and the French adore him – I think it’s his hair!

About Helen by Steve

Helen is kind, caring and hates losing at cards! She prefers wine to coffee, fruit to cake (strange!). Pre Peyrecaty Helen worked for an advertising agency in Covent Garden where she gained her love of champagne! In the evenings she enjoys chatting to families at the bar.