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Thank you Liv & Lily

Hi girls, we love your wonderful holiday video of your stay at Peyrecaty. Every time we see it, we feel sunny and happy, thank you for sharing it with us

Steve & Helen x


  • 2020

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, we’re looking forward to seeing you in August.

    Best Harry

  • Really pleased to know you’re open, that really is amazing. We’ve paid our balance payment and can’t wait to return and thank you for given us the confidence. Can’t wait.

    Love to you both. Sarah

  • Thank you both for your kind words. We have paid the balance and hope we get to see you this year – fingers crossed! We appreciate your offer of deferring the holiday to next year if we need to. Thinking of you both at what must be a difficult and uncertain time.

    T,V, C & L xx

  • Hi Steve and Helen,
    Lovely to hear from you and we are so happy that you are okay…So happy that you are hoping to be open in August. Light at the end of the tunnel.

    Warmest regards G,J,B&Z

  • Hi both,
    Looking forward to our August holiday with you, planning on travelling by Car this year so could you just confirm the best route please. I know this is a painful time for you but I wanted to say a quick thank you as you are offering us a ray of sunshine at a difficult time.

    All the best Craig & Ann

  • Hi Steve and Helen,
    Its great news that you still plan to open this year as we are all desperate for some fresh air and sunshine. I can taste your Kir Royales already. Lots of Love from the Family.

    Mark, Hazel, and Joshua (now a very serious 7 year old!)

  • Hi Helen
    I know this must be a very difficult times for you guys – I wouldn’t want to be in your position!! We’ve transferred the balance and looking forward to our holiday in August, we’ll really need it by then. Thank you for offering to transfer our holiday to 2021 if we can’t make it to you guys this year but hopefully we will.

    Keep positive Nick

  • Hi Steve and Helen,
    We’ve paid our balance and have everything crossed we’ll see you in July. The summer wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have our Peyrecaty fix!

    Love Helen

  • Evening Helen
    I hope you are all still ok, all fine here although definitely missing normality!! I think we will (very sadly!) move our holiday to next year if possible. Gutted it won’t be this year but something to look forward to in 2021! Thank you for being so helpful with all this, it really is hugely appreciated.

    Kind regards Catriona

  • Dear Helen: This must be a nightmare time for you and I’m so sorry. I’ve paid a deposit… with the balance due … Hopefully by then we may know if there is any chance at all of our holiday going ahead, which we pray it will but it would be good to know what will happen if it’s still uncertain. If I pay the balance and it then is cancelled, may I presume we could roll this money over to 2021 at the same time? Take your time to reply. I’m sure you are inundated by similar emails.
    Our answer was, ‘of course YES!’

    With best wishes Caroline

  • Hey Helen!
    Hope you guys are okay. Must be such a worry and a frustration for you both not knowing when people can travel. I’m sure you’ve both been kept super busy, maybe building the party house in the woods!…So hope we can come out to see you both, and the other families. Got everything crossed, for our holiday and for you guys to be back to business as usual.

    Much love Lindsey xxxxx

  • Hey Helen,
    Keeping our fingers hugely crossed that we can all make it this summer, but who knows at the moment! We’ll defo come the same time next year if we can’t and have been chatting with … so at least we’ll all be back together…its so nice to have made such great holiday friends! I hope you guys are all ok over there and the family too…Anyway, lots of love to you and Steve and hoping A LOT that we see you in a few months!

    Jenny xx

  • Hi Steve and Helen
    Many thanks for your email. We would love to still come to you but think it’s very likely that there will be travel restrictions etc. in June so (with regret) we’d like to take you up on your offer and rebook… Sorry that we won’t be coming this year but looking forward to being with you next year. Thanks again

    all the best Robert

  • Dear Steve and Helen
    Thanks for your email – these are difficult times for many but I really feel for you guys… Could we therefore take you up on your kind offer and move our booking to 2021? Equivalent dates & of course same accommodation. If any availability appears later in July/August this year we would be interested in booking that (as a new booking)…we are desperate get out to France somehow this year! Thanks again for getting in touch, we are disappointed that we won’t see you this July but look forward to seeing you in 2021 at the latest.

    Best wishes, Andrew

  • Hi Helen ,
    Please find booking form attached. We are all so disappointed we won’t make it to Peyrecaty this year. Hopefully next year we ‘ll all be looking back from a happier place. Thanks again for accommodating us moving to next year. It means so much. Mind yourselves

    Ruth xxx

  • HI Helen,
    That’s absolutely fantastic news, thank you for securing that for us. We too are very sad we won’t be seeing you this summer but we are excited already about next year! Sending much love to you both too,

    Emma xx

  • Thank you so much for moving the details to the new form for me. Once again, thank you very much for letting us transfer and so sorry we won’t be seeing you this summer. Hope you and yours keep well and safe in the meantime. Roll on 2021!

    Sarah xx

  • Thanks again for allowing us to book for next summer. We look forward to seeing you then. Stay safe.

    Kind regards Tony

  • 2019

    Thank you again for another amazing week at Peyrecaty. It’s such a special place and you really have thought of everything your guests need for a relaxing holiday. Our time with you went by too quickly but we are already looking forward to next year.

    love to you both

  • Hi Helen and Steve, Thank you so much – the whole family had a wonderful time and it was an absolute pleasure staying with you. We definitely hope to be back!

    Nick and Frances

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