Are you open in 2020?

Yes, we’ll be open July, August, Sept & October.

You’re in safe hands

We always pride ourselves on our cleanliness and this year we’re adding a new twist to our housekeeping routine, a professional fogging machine that can disinfect absolutely everything! It will also be used in the toy barn, bar terrace, on sun loungers, climbing frames…it is this year’s must have tool and we love it!

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes and our network has excellent coverage.

How far are the shops?

The town of Belvès is only 5 minutes away.

Is Peyrecaty safe for kids?

Totally. The estate is gated. Pool area has a security gate and we know all the families staying with us.

Is your pool really heated?

Most asked question before families arrive!  Yes it is! Children hate cold water, so our pool is heated to 28° by our high tech American heater.

Are your houses close to each other?

Yes, everything on the estate is conveniently grouped together, in one central location.

Are your properties flats or sub-divided houses?

All our properties are individual houses, so you won’t have noisy neighbours above or below you.

Does the doctor speak English?

Yes he does, his surgery is 8 mins away. Sarlat hospital is 30 mins away with English speaking doctors.

Is there someone around to ask for help if we need it?

Yes, we live here and happy to answer any questions. You can find us at the bar or pottering in the garden.

Is there a welcome pack?

Better than a welcome pack, is our free help yourself larder with tea, coffee, jam, pasta, rice, herbs, spices, milk, butter, yogurts etc.

Do you have a problem with mosquitoes in your area?

No not here – thank goodness!

My kids get bored in the car, do we have to travel far when we get to you?

No, because we are in a fabulous location, only 5-25 mins away from famous towns, villages & attractions of this region.

Do you offer discounts or special offers?

Sorry no. We believe everyone should be treated equally, so we never give discounts, to reassure you, all families are treated the same.

Can we check-in early?

Yes, we have an early check-in service.

How far away is the nearest supermarket?

Carrefour is 8 minutes away and has a good selection of organic, gluten free, soya and baby products.

What happens when we arrive?

You can relax! We will be here to welcome you, and to show you to your house, we’ll also hand you a complimentary glass of wine!