2020 Thank you guests

2020 and what a year!! 

Restrictions, confusion, fear and panic, but in the middle of it all, we opened on 18th July and welcomed lots of happy families. We ended up having the most amazing summer. Families relished in escaping the bombardment of daily news and updates, and enjoyed the freedom Peyrecaty offered. We were constantly being thanked and when guests returned home we had numerous emails, here’s a few comments…

∼ ‘very impressed that you made sure that things were as normal as possible for all of your guests: the Peyrecaty bubble of happiness surrounded by a very strange world. So well done you for making it so, and in the process giving much pleasure to so many’ ∼

∼ ‘the kids really appreciated feeling normal!’ ∼

∼ ‘had the most wonderful time, it was so good to feel normal again… It was very much needed!’ ∼

But now we’d like to say, a huge big ‘THANK YOU’, to all our wonderful guests for supporting us this summer, without you, Peyrecaty wouldn’t be Peyrecaty! We’re delighted you trusted in us to provide the holiday you wanted, and deserved. ‘THANK YOU’ for being you… wonderful families.

We look forward to welcoming families back in 2021 and to also welcoming new families and past families, to our tranquil part of France.

Steve & Helen



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