We now have parents returning as grandparents which makes us very proud knowing families like to keep coming back. We also welcome new Grandparents so if you’d like to holiday with the grandchildren, we’d love to welcome you.

∼ ‘There is something special about this place, it is so relaxing, great for families of all ages’ ∼


Today our games are kiddie friendly but 20 years ago they played ‘Dangle the Carrot’. Recently we had a nostalgia request (when kids were asleep) and it brought back so many funny memories – thank you Zoe and John for the laugh.

Kids to Parents

It’s been lovely watching children grow into teenagers, adults, then parents. Now they bring their children to Peyrecaty so their little ones can enjoy the same carefree holidays they experienced as children.



Spending time together

Three generations in a canoe, drifting down La Dordogne. Tranquil, scenic and with lots of places to stop en route for a paddle, swim or walk to a café, ice cream parlour, restaurant… a perfect day out.

Houses perfect for sharing


4-bed house with a downstairs bedroom and en suite shower room.

Le Grenier & L’Annexe 

Quaint building at Le Grenier. Double bedroom, shower room, dressing room.

Le Manoir

Large 5 bedroom house with 2 en suites, library and a stunning veranda.

helping to make happy holiday memories

∼ ‘There really is no where better than this… there is something for everyone’  ∼




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