A New Life in the Sun

Belves looked amazing on A New Life in the Sun last week. At 5pm (French time) we were glued to the TV watching our friends Graham and Damon, who own Planches et Plonk, a swanky cheese and wine bar in Belves. The guys were so watchable, we’d put them forward for their own show!

Their wine bar looked fabulous (which it is) and the local French were charming and very complimentary about the wine bar, and about Graham and Damon. This latest addition to our local medieval French village is a massive hit, and a huge success. The French and English alike, love it, and so do we. We have always said the locals here in La Dordogne are friendly, and the program showcased that. Belves looked stunning, and we see why it has been voted one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Planches et Plonk and Belves


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