Goodbye old website


Hello New Website!

We had our last website (photo above) for 12 years and it did us proud over that time. We’ve enjoyed updating it over the years, by adding new photos whenever we redecorated or changed anything, or when guests sent us their photos to put on the site. We always tried to ensure all the information was factual and correct, as we never wanted families to arrive here and think…’that’s not what I was expecting’… as that wouldn’t be a good start to a holiday!┬áBut now, we’re saying goodbye to our old website, which is sad, but at the same time we’re very excited with the launch of our new website, and we hope you like it. We’ve kept the same colours and familiar quotes and hopefully kept the friendly overall vibe to the site. We started the design process in March (a long time ago) we’ve taken loads of new photos and learnt how to make videos! All this hasn’t been quick, taking us a lot longer than planned but we hope you like the design of the pages, the larger photos and videos. We’re also hoping it’ll last us for the next 12 years!

If you see grammatical errors and spelling mistakes – oops sorry we apologise and hopefully all little snags will be sorted within the next couple of weeks.

We hope you enjoy the new look website.

Steve & Helen



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